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Synthesis, aminosilane-folic acid functionalization and cytotoxicity of the upconversion nanoparticle Y 2 O 3 :Er 3+ , Yb 3+ for cancer cell detection (Trabajo presentado en Innovation Match Mx 2016)

Upconversion nanoparticles (UCN) have gained interest because they can absorb near infrared radiation (NIR) and upconvert it into to higher energy light, such as the visible range, through the sequential absorption of multiple photons or energy transfer. The UCN Y 2 O 3 co-doped with Yb and Er 3+ Revista Internacional de Investigación e Innovación Tecnológica was synthesized by sol-gel method. These UCN find application in bioimaging, as biolabels, to diagnose and visualize cancer cells, after coating and functionalization with ligands that bind to receptors on the surface of the cell. The UCN were coated with a silica shell using Stöber method and functionalized with aminosilane (APTES/TEOS) to enable folic acid conjugation. After the folic acid conjugation, the cytotoxicity of UCN was tested on human cervix carcinoma cells (HeLa) with a colorimetric assay based on the reduction of the MTT reagent (methy-134 thiazolyltetrazolium). Different concentrations of bare and functionalized UCN between 0.001 µg/mL to 1 µg/mL were used. The MTT assays show that some concentrations of bare UCN of Y 2 Página principal: O 3 : Er 3+ , Yb 3+ (1%, 1% mol) were cytotoxic for cervical 3+ adenocarcinoma cells (HeLa); however the functionalized UCN were not cytotoxic. The bare and functionalized UCN were analyzed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and luminescence measurements. The results reveal that functionalized UNC have a particle size of 70 nm (±10 nm) with a good luminescence spectrum in comparison with the bare UCN. Finally, imaging studies were performed by epifluorescence confocal microscopy; these revealed that UCN functionalized with folic acid were internalized by HeLa cells. The fluorescence signal of folic acid-UCN was localized into the cell cytoplasm, confirming with this their efficiency to be used as biolabels. Keywords: aminosilane-folic acid functionalization, nanoparticles, sol-gel, upconversion luminescence, biolabels.