ISSN: 2007-9753
Latindex Folio: 23614

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Simulation of an aeroderivative gas turbine via a chemical reactor Gibbs type. (Trabajo presentado en el Congreso Internacional de Energía 2015)

Abstract In recent years the use of software for rigorous process simulation in dynamic and steady state has been taking great importance in the industry because it can represent virtual stages of a process, or the entire process, for analysis and decision in the design, simulation and control of processes. The aim of this work is to study the behavior in open cycle of the combustion chamber of an aeroderivative gas turbine based on Brayton cycle using models of chemical reactors. In this process, to represent the combustion chamber of a gas turbine, a Gibbs type chemical reactor model was used. The model is available in the commercial simulators databases, namely PROII 9.2. In order to find the convergence of the solution of the proposed model, three numerical controllers were included to keep the operation conditions associated with the air excess, thermal yield and expansion efficiency. Numerical results show that not only the values of flue gases leaving the reactor have a good correlation with the chemical energy available in the gas turbine, but also the conversion efficiency to mechanical energy, residual thermal energy and energy loss corresponds to efficiency range reported in the technical and scientific literature.