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The Definition of Measurement Process and its Importance in Metrology (Trabajo presentado en Innovation Match Mx 2016)

Tipo: Articulos de Divulgación
Autor: Herrera-Basurto, R., Mercader-Trejo. F. E., Rodríguez-López, A., Manzano-Ramírez, A.
Fecha: 2016-07-01
The term measurement process is used in specialized literature and in the international standards, but is currently not defined in the International Vocabulary of Metrology (VIM). While the third edition of the VIM has a definition for measurement that includes measurement process as a synonym, other references such as ISO 10012 “measurement management systems - Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipment” separate the two definitions. The closeness between the two concepts confuses metrologists and provides difficulties for metrology instructors. In order to clarify this idea, authors make a comparison of physical and chemical measurement process, indicating their components. The authors propose a new definition for measurement process based on the identification of the type of measurand and other metrological elements at each measurement process identified. The proposal is motivated because one of the strongest challenges currently facing metrology is determining the vocabulary that beginners metrologists should learn.