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Literature review on innovative strategies for the post Covid-19 commercial strengthening

Autor: Lezama-de la Rosa, M.A., Villafaña-Díaz, L.G.
Fecha: 2021-11-01
Descripción: The main goal of this research is to analyze the main scientific contributions published about the strategies for the commercial strengthening post Covid-19, from the academic, scientific, politics and business field. The explorative and analytical techniques were used to make a systematical revision from a total of 114 articles from which 44 achieved objectively the field of study in an established period from 2015 to 2020. The research begins with an international mapping of the Covid-19 economic impact to an international level, followed as a theoretical basis the tools description of strategic planning and quality management for the commercial impulse, finally the different strategies to the commercial strengthening post Covid-19 were analyzed. The findings of this research are related to the response capacity, boosted by the creativity, the generation of new knowledge based on technology, the scope of decision making, reduction of risks on the value chain to the early adoption as well as the post Covid-19 economic recovery. Key words: Covid-19, commercial strategies, competitive innovation, international trading.