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Digital-analogue adhesive oral rehabilitation: a case report

Tipo: Nota Técnica
Autor: López-Valenzuela, N.V., Morones-Machado, A.N., Osorio-Ramos, E., Ortiz-Diaz, J. Mendoza-González, F.J., Vargas-Segura, A.I.
Fecha: 2022-03-01
Descripción: Background: Worn dentition is a physiological process that must be considered as pathological when it affects aesthetics and function. This worn is classified as cavities, attrition, abrasion, abfraction and erosion. Current techniques and technologies leads practitioners to less invasive treatments that can be applied as well in this patients with loss of dental structure by replacing it with adhesive restorations of different dental materials that nowadays can be managed digitally with the CAD/CAM system. Case description: A 78 years old male patient with worn dentition, missing tooth and previous old restorations. His case was studied for offering the ideal aesthetics, function and according to the economic possibilities of the patient, using a combination of digital-analogue techniques and adhesive fixed prostheses as well as removable prostheses. Conclusion and Practical Implications: In this case report the patient achieved muscular and occlusal stability, using different materials, each one selected because of its excellent aesthetics and resistance, also demonstrating analogue and digital techniques can be combine with new adhesive techniques and traditional removable prostheses, showing to dental practitioner that technology can be used almost in all kind of treatments even if the choice is a more traditional plan. Key words: CAD/CAM; worn dentition; adhesive restorations, fixed prostheses; removable prostheses.