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Application of Natural Organic Additives in Cement-Based Mixtures: State of the Art

Tipo: Articulos de Divulgación
Autor: Diaz-Flota, O.S., Yeladaqui-Tello, A., Jiménez, L.F., Vega-Azamar, R.E., Trejo-Arroyo, D.L., Cruz, J.C.. Gurrola, M.P.
Fecha: 2023-01-01
Descripción: In the construction industry, and specifically in cement-based mixes such as concrete, several alternative materials have been implemented to improve the physical, mechanical and chemical properties. Materials known as biopolymers, such as cellulose, are implemented in concrete mixes. Organic materials (OM) derived from natural waste such as sawdust, cellulose fibers, cactus plants, oils, mucilage as a vegetable substance (Nopal and aloe vera), seeds, etc., are also used due to their structure and arrangement of components. Specifically, the use of OM, such as cactus species, has earned its place in the construction area, being nopal the most studied species, which has shown favorable results in terms of physical, mechanical, and durability properties when applied to mortar and concrete mixtures. Regarding cacti, this review provides a description of the variety of species in terms of their use in cement-based mixes, as well as evaluation strategies based on physical, mechanical, and durability properties. First, the advantages and disadvantages of the different cacti species implemented in cement-based mixtures are explained. Then, recent studies on extraction methods of cacti for their correct implementation in the same are given. Their physico-chemical properties and the way in which they influence the cementitious matrix are also analyzed. The results of this review have shown that the application of Cactaceae favors an improvement in the permeability of the mix, an increase in compressive strength and a favorable capacity in the presence of external agents such as chloride ions and carbonation. Keywords: Cement-based concrete mixtures, Cactaceae, Concretes, Mortars, Organic Additive.
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